Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Lake Walker

Here are the covers for my new book,
THE LAKE WALKER. It will be available
to order on May 12. This is from the intro:


Back in high school, I would go the Neptune Theatre
very week. Driving the floating bridge over Lake
Washington or going Lake City Way, looking for
parking, sometimes under a leafy tree, sometimes on
the slant by the IHOP. The Neptune had a green neon
sign that floated out front. Inside, you bought your
ticket from a boat shaped counter and then you could
go up to the balcony. That's where I met Fellini,
Bergman, Cocteau, and I wanted this adventure to
be an homage to them, a sort of European black and
white movie book.

The idea began during a hellish summer when forest
fires turned our air into a white smog and the sun
was dim as an orange penny. A Martian world, it was
hard to even breathe out there. But by September it
started to clear and I began to take walks around the
lake. I still had a couple weeks away from my office
job and I liked to think this would be my morning
routine when I finally retire. I would begin every
day with a walk around the lake.

23rd book sent to printer

Just sent my 23rd book to the printer.
This one is a short novel about walking
around Lake Padden and a mystery that
soon occurs. More about it soon, set to be
published on May 12.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

painting stars

Read two inspiring books recently:
The Mad Monk: Paintings of Unlimited Action
with the artwork of Jung Kwang
& Conversations with Classic Film Stars
by Bawden and Miller.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

movie time

Today was a big movie day. 
Started out with The Lake of Dracula (1971).
With that great title, I was really hoping that
there would be a castle below the murky waters 
but there was very little lake. There were some good
moments though. One thing you don't want to do is
call Dracula a fake. He gets upset. Then saw some
hundred year old Chaplin movies at the Mt. Baker

Thursday, April 12, 2018


I didn't know that film director Frank Tashlin
(who made a lot of movies I like) also made
books. But now I've read 2 of them:
The Bear That Wasn't and The World That Isn't.
Let me tell you, they are doozies...
I'm still thinking about these books. They would
be good required reading around here.

Friday, March 23, 2018


“Sutra literally means ‘thread'…There are almost 200 sutras,
traditionally divided into four sections. The first is the Portion
on Contemplation…The second is the Portion on Practice…
The third section is called the Portion on Accomplishments…
The Final section is called the Portion on Absoluteness and
discusses from a more cosmic, philosophical viewpoint.”

--from The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Just started reading this interesting book and I am surprised that
somehow I instinctively set up Homeless Sutra to follow this
formula in 4 sections like this.

I hope you soon have a chance to read Homeless Sutra.
The printer and Amazon are still making it very difficult for me
to make the book available, but stay tune!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

appreciating go with the flow

I wanted to share some comments I greatly appreciate regarding Clyde Sanborn’s book, GO WITH THE FLOW. My thanks to all who are enjoying this tribute.

“What an amazing book! I could not keep away from it in the post office parking lot; at the VA lot awaiting an appointment and here at the river next to the lamps going thru pages laughing, scratching my head in wonder, crying especially at the end. Bex's poems were wondrous. As was it all! Thank you thank you! I thought all those years were just Normal....I am re reading it just can't keep away from it…I love the book so much. I wonder what other readers that didn't know Clyde think of it. I think even they will find it interesting.”
—Michael Clough

“It's a great print and well woven together. It brought his presence back in a big way.”
—Dennis ‘Bex’ Bexell

“What would Clyde have thought in his procrustean Zen?”
—Paul Hansen

“I just received my order – it looks fantastic!”
—Erik Ambjor

“I just had some time to sit down with it and enjoyed it immensely. I'm learning a lot about Clyde's early life.”
—Janet Saunders

“Having known Clyde Sanborn in his heyday as La Conner, Washington's beloved Zen rummy I recommend another of Allen Frost's Good Deed Rain books "In the Valley of Mystic Light: An Oral History" by Claire Swedberg and Rita Hupy which is about the rural community of farmers, fishermen and artists 75 miles North of Seattle that Clyde lived among and socialized with for a decade in the afterglow of the 1960's when being a nature poet and/or a mystic painter (sometimes both) was still something of a Northwest tradition and a viable, though hardscrabble, lifestyle. Clyde Sanborn could be as dry as Shelly Berman and wet as Crazy Guggenheim (Frankie Fontaine) all at once. He was a good boon companion and this a fine tribute to the fond memories so many of us who knew him have.”
—Charlie Krafft

"It's just wonderful! I am greatly enjoying the various stories and recollections. It really brought back the feeling of those times as I read. Really, it's a gem of a compilation, you've done a stellar job. Thank you so much."
—Jan Sanborn

“This is a gem of a book, both a tribute to Clyde Sanborn and poetry, but also an appreciation of an American lifestyle that embraces freedom and nature. The graphics and the poetry form a dance that you won't want to miss. Good work for Good Deed Rain publishing and its editor Allen Frost. The book is a journey and a delight.”
—Larry Smith